Drake Sorensen's Movie Reviews: The Countryside Bears

Holy crap, bro. This one was bad. Dusty and I watched it together a few nights ago, and it took me this long to stop laughing about it. Suit yourself if you want to watch it on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCxWXm_b8-k

One of my teammates dared me to watch this after he stumbled upon a parody video based on Winnie the Pooh. I don't know the whole story, but it's from one of those companies that rips off Disney movies. There's no effort in this movie, so I shouldn't give any effort writing this review.

There's no plot, bros. Instead it's a slice-of-life movie that follows bland characters and blander backgrounds. There is nothing separating these characters apart from their looks, and even that's a stretch. Everyone sounds the same, no one has a personality, and there's a lot of telling in the dialogue. All the characters say the grumpy bear is lazy, and that's all they say about him. 

Common "plot" problems include rescuing bears from trees, rescuing bears from holes, and rescuing squirrels from trees. Nothing about rescuing squirrels from holes, though. The audio-sync is way off at times, where a character's voice flaps don't match what they're saying.

The yodeling is soooo annoying. Why'd they throw it in, or throw in anything that didn't resemble a plot for that matter? You want to know what this movie is? This is a torture device. Next time I see a bro I'm pissed off at, then I'll make them watch this movie. It's that bad. Thankfully, it's only 45 minutes, so at least they didn't turn Lord of the Rings into a bear-like parody. 

It was so painful to write this review, so sorry if it sucks more than this movie. Actually i'm not sorry bros, since I'm 99% certain this review put more effort than the movie. I feel like this movie made me dumber after watching it.

PS: I will always remember "Child Murderer!" and "I am the Wabuu!"

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