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Drake Sorensen

Height:  5'10"
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Shirt Size: M
Jeans Size: 32

Birthday: August 12, 1995


In His Own Words:

Hey bros, it's Drake here! How's all my party peoples? Born on the beach in Hawaii, and reppin' it up in SD now. I play polo for the college, and not the kind with the horsies either. I mean one of the toughest manliest sports ever to grace the pool. The team captain and I have dated for over a year now, and it's win-win for both of us. He helps me study and I help him party. As for that studying, I'm a pre-med major at UCSD, since I want to help save lives. It could be your kid drowning in the ocean, and who's gonna save the little bro? Think about it.

Q&A Time

What is your biggest fear?

Fears? There's nothing to be afraid of, bro. Gotta dive right in!

Describe your ideal date.

Pretty chill, bro. Just stay home and watch movies. 

What moment in your life gave the biggest impact?

Even though I was two years old, which might be cheating, bro, flying on a plane for the first time. I don’t remember all the details, but it felt exciting to be off the ground and going to a new state. I still visit Hawaii from time to time, but that first flight will always be a memory to keep. I don’t know if all of it’s real, bro.

What would you do with a million dollars?

Throw the biggest beach party in all of California!

If you were President of the United States, and no one could question your authority, what would your first law be?


Laws? I wouldn’t change anything on day one, bro. If I had to, it’d be based off the golden rule. Help others, and they’ll help you.

If you can travel to any country (besides the United States), where would you go?

Country, huh bro? Ooh, that’s a good one. I guess I’d say Australia. Go in December, check out all the hot bros on the beach, go surfing all day, relaxing all night. It’ll be chill, it’ll be chill. I’d bring the captain, but I’d have to trick him into going by saying we’re going to Austria instead.

Would you rather be rich or famous?

Rich, bro. Duh.

What is your favorite thing to do in San Diego?


Party on the beach, bro. Light up a kickass bonfire, with this lit-up projector showing the block-bustiest movies ever.

If you were stuck alone on a deserted island with nothing but the clothes on your back, how would you pass the time before being rescued?

An island all to myself? Hell yeah, bro. Sucks that nothing’s on it, but after I build myself a shelter, I’d go look for anyone else who might possibly be living on the island. 

If you played a standard MMORPG, which of the following roles would you play? (Tank, Healer, Damage)

Either damage dealer or tank. I love giving out loads of damage on enemies, but tanks are treated like kings, bro. Have you seen those wait times? Tanks go right in, but everyone else has to wait hours on end for one pop. By the way, bro. I told everyone on the team about it. Kyle too.

If you could teach a school subject to a group of high schoolers, what would it be and why?

Uh, good question, bro. Is underwater basket weaving an option? I’d have the kids hop in the pool, and they’d weave their baskets in the shallow end, then we’d play some polo once we’re done. It’ll be great, bro.

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