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Legal Page

This is so we don't get sued!

Tribal Culture Studio is a work of fiction, owned by Mike E. Galloway. Everything on this website is of a fictitious manner, and is used in a way to promote TCS materials, including novels, short stories, concepts etc. Any resemblance to any persons or locations, living or deceased, is coincidental. All real locations used in the novel and on this website are used in a fictitious manner.

TCS: The Studio and its sequels are erotic coming-of-age novels best enjoyed by adults eighteen (18) years of age or older. The story includes explicit scenes that are not suited for minors. In other words, while the website is family-friendly, the stories are not. All Tribalbeat entries are suitable for a general audience.

© 2018-2022 Mike E. Galloway, All Rights Reserved. No materials on this website may be copied or distributed without explicit written permission.

Artwork of all characters © 2016-2019 Finch. Used with Permission.

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