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The Main Series
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TCS: The Studio

Three Male Models, Two Lovers, One Camera…and $60,000 in Debt.

After dropping out of college, Jason Gelardi establishes a modeling agency in order to pay back the squandered expenses to his rambunctious cousin with glimmering hopes that he will also score himself the perfect boyfriend. Among the models, Jason hires a charming surfer, a mechanical engineering graduate student, and an aspiring water polo athlete, each with their own reasons for fame and fortune. 

With six months to pay back the money, Jason must learn to be responsible and self-reliant while courting each of the models. Find out which of the lucky studs he ends up with, and how successful he becomes at not only love, but in business.

TCS: Into Summer

Sometimes, blood is not as thick as water.


When Tyler Gelardi is forced to move back to his hometown of San Diego, he moves in with his cousin Jason and becomes the newest model for Tribal Culture Studio, along with two other newcomers. Along the way, past scars reopen, including ones caused by family long ago and others that festered recently. 


TCS: Into Summer is the second novel in the Tribal Culture Series, and is a continuation of the story from The Studio. Tyler and Jason must learn to acknowledge and learn from their past mistakes or pay the price with their lives.

TCS: Beyond Tribal

Fool a man once—shame on him. Fool him twice—shame on the fool.


Jason Gelardi has deceived his boyfriend for the last time, and the ex has moved to Reno to establish a new life. Feeling remorseful over his actions, Jason seeks his lost love in an all-or-nothing attempt to win back his heart, but could his eyes truly be for another old flame?

TCS: Beyond Tribal is the third and final novel in the main Tribal Culture Series and is a continuation of the story from Into Summer. Could Jason's ex hold it in his heart to forgive the unforgivable, and can he trust the man who betrayed him one more time?

Spin-off Books
Before the Game: Drake

Drake Sorensen is nervous over his first major tournament of the water polo season. He wants to vent out his anxiety with the help of his boyfriend and hunky team captain, Gage Carson, the night before. Is he able to let it all out? This short erotic vignette is a supplement to TCS: The Studio, but requires no advance knowledge of the novel.

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