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Sky Merkel

Height:  6'0"
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Gray
Shirt Size: L
Jeans Size: 32

Birthday: November 23, 1994


In His Own Words:

What's there to me? I'm Sky, and I ride a cool bike, the Silver Hog. Custom-built it in auto shop senior year of high school. If there's something wrong with your ride or you want a tune-up, I'm your guy. My oldest bro's an assistant coach for UCLA's water polo team. Would've gone there myself if my grades were better. Still a little upset about it, but if I can prove to Big Bro that I'm a hotshot in the pool, then he'll forgive me. People keep telling me that riding a motorcycle is not cool or eco-friendly, but who are they to judge? I am me—nobody else.

Q&A Time

What is your biggest fear?


Being stranded in the desert with no water or fuel.

Describe your ideal date.

We'd ride dirt bikes in the desert or on the beach, then have a big bonfire.

What moment in your life gave the biggest impact?

Hate to be a downer, but being rejected from UCLA really hurt inside. My oldest brother was a hotshot athlete, and I wanted to follow in his footsteps. Sucks since my grades were top-notch in high school, but I guess they don’t care if you’re the younger brother of the person who singlehandedly brought the Bruins to nationals. At least UCSD accepted me.

What would you do with a million dollars?

Buy a nice ride, or another motorcycle.

If you were President of the United States, and no one could question your authority, what would your first law be?


Sounds counter-intuitive, but I’d lower the drinking/gambling age to 18 at most. Raising the age is only making kids less responsible when they’re older, and if they’re exposed to this stuff sooner, then they’ll know how to keep their urges under control.

If you can travel to any country (besides the United States), where would you go?

Germany for their beer, or Mexico for their tequila. No preference, just pick one or the other.

Would you rather be rich or famous?


When all’s said and done, everyone’s going to know who I am. Crap, that sounded creepy.

What is your favorite thing to do in San Diego?


Nothing much, only chilling at the shop fixing rides.

If you were stuck alone on a deserted island with nothing but the clothes on your back, how would you pass the time before being rescued?

Build a raft and go on a long trip across the ocean.

If you played a standard MMORPG, which of the following roles would you play? (Tank, Healer, Damage)


Uhh…damage dealer? Can I ask why you’re asking this?

If you could teach a school subject to a group of high schoolers, what would it be and why?

Auto shop. Not everyone’s college material, and if I wasn’t playing water polo for the Tritons, I’d be a full-time mechanic. However, I’m also going for a mechanical engineering degree, so I wouldn’t mind teaching physics or something. That Noel is one ripped brainiac, though. He’d be better at that.

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