Drake Sorensen's Movie Reviews: Small Foot

Hey bros. Drake here for another rousing round of movie reviews. But first, I have a special announcement:


Yup, it's Jason's birthday today! He's 23 years old now. Give him a nice round of applause, bros.

Now for the review. As usual, bros, there's spoilers. Small Foot's one of those "We're afraid of the unknown" movies where yetis live in the Himalayas and refuse to leave out of xenophobia. For a moment, I thought it was gonna be more like the story of Chanticleer where if the main character doesn't bang the gong (Which Dustin had to remind me it was not a gong since there isn't a nipple), but it turned out to be more like Ferngully. If only fairies and yetis could get along...

As far as the animation goes, it's pretty good, bros. While I know it's on the highest mountains on Earth, there could have been a little less white. The songs were a little bit annoying too, except for the villain song in the middle of the movie, but I wouldn't call the stonekeeper a villain tin the traditional sense, as he's just trying to protect his village.

Overall bros, the movie was mediocre, and didn't stand out in any category. While it's harmless for the kids, there are better movies to watch. If you're bored, go see it, but I wouldn't go back a second time.

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