Drake Sorensen's Movie Reviews: Christopher Robin (2018)

Whoa was this movie trippy, bro. And trippy in a bad way. When someone asks you what you think of Winnie the Pooh, what do you think the response is gonna be? Innocence? Childhood purity? Nostalgia? Fun and Games? Well, this movie has little of that. And...it doesn't follow the true story.

The fact that it's live action creeps the hell out of me. While I can't say that it has to be animated, bro, they could've at least lightened up England. The London fog's gonna seep out of the movie screen if they added any more of it. It's more depressing that Eeyore, bros.

Basically bros, the story is that our favorite kid hero, Christopher Robin, is grown up and working in a luggage factory. He has to balance some budget in a way that the company is turning up a profit, and other boring adult things that no kid's gonna care about. I'm a college student, bro. What do I care about real word stuff yet? Let me have my kind, innocent, Winnie the Pooh; not this serious British documentary about why this kid was beaten up in a boarding school or sapping the fun out his own kid.

That being said, I know a certain person who also saw this movie, and he told me that Eeyore had some of the best lines. Not saying who, bro, but let's just say he and Eeyore have a lot in common.

Would I see this one again? Probably not. It's not my cup of tea, bros. If you're someone who's into more serious movies, then maybe I'd recommend this, but it didn't work out for me.

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