Drake Sorensen's Movie Reviews: The Crimes of Grindelwald

What's up, bros? Long time no post, but I finally saw another movie in the theater, so that means it's time for another review. This time, it's the second one in the Fantastic Beasts series, The Crimes of Grindelwald. Because it's a sequel, bro, I'm gonna be posting spoilers for the first movie (and this one, too!). If you don't wanna be spoiled, you should click or tap that back button right now!

For the longest time bros, I was looking for some resemblance of a plot. Didn't see one at all. While the first movie was terrible, at least I was able to somewhat follow along with the story, but here it's just bonkers. From what I understand bro, the main character Newt needs to go to Paris to stop Grindelwald from forming an army to enslave all the non-wizards. However, his claim to travel's been denied, so he has to sneak in. That's the only plot I got out of the whole thing.

The acting was...passable. Didn't see anything drastically wrong with it, bros. Special effects are nice, the few they had. If only they would cast more spells, though it was nice to see the inside of the French Ministry of Magic. (This begs the question, bros. How come the US's is still called a Ministry even though we have Departments here? We don't call anything a Ministry here.)

Keep in mind bros, I didn't like the first movie, but at least there was somewhat of a compelling reason to follow it. Here, there isn't. If you're a hardcore Harry Potter fan, you should see it, otherwise skip it.


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