Drake Sorensen's Movie Reviews: Best F(r)iends

Gotta be careful bros, there’s spoilers in this review, so keep calm and read on.

First of all, I had no idea what I was getting into for this movie, so don’t judge if I don’t know swag from swig. The trivia they showed before the movie started was neat and all, but I couldn’t get any of them right. The only reason I knew the movie existed was because Jason wouldn’t stop talking about how it ‘spoke’ to him. Don’t know the bro’s reasons, but seemed like something up his alley.

Anyway, the movie started with this homeless bro that looked way too pretty to be a homeless bro wandering around LA for a couple days. Can’t remember much of why, but maybe I didn’t care enough. He meets this long-haired weirdo that runs an underground morgue, and the two of them become buddy-buddies after the weirdo gives the homeless guy a job. I could not stay interested enough to remember their names, nor why anything was happening for any reason.

There was some sort of plot about trading in gold teeth for loads of cash and maybe moving from LA to SF, but there’s nothing aside from the weirdo’s acting that sets it apart from other thrillers. Gotta admit that the line where he thinks the chicks are hiding guns in their asses was pretty damn funny. Best line in the movie, bro. Other than that and the Chinese scene, there wasn’t much to remember. Actually, I take that back. The whole “faces in paradise” bit was really freaky. Almost makes me want to think that the actor who played the weirdo ran a morgue in real life.

The ending freaked me out the most. The stilted camera shots made me think that someone clipped up the projector footage and didn’t feel natural with the rest of the movie. So much was happening that I got completely lost. I got that the bro’s tickets were fake, but everything was so out of order that there was no way to make any sense out of it. Hey, there’s flashbacks, and then there’s stilted storytelling, and the ending was the latter.

At the very least, I was able to pick up a message in the movie, or in other words, what it was about. Mostly because it’s blatantly told to us. “Friendship before money” is something they say all the time. Common message, but they could’ve shown that to us instead of telling us. Another one’s trust, but that’s told to us outright to like we’re a bunch of baked-out bros jointin’ one up before the movie started. I bet most of the audience was anyway.

Would I see it again? Hell no. The film was way too forgettable and had no impact on me other than eating too much popcorn. Now I’ve got to swim a couple miles in the pool to get back in shape from that failure. Maybe Dusty’ll join me.

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