Social Media Slipups #2

Disclaimer for this Series: Memes are posted offsite, and may disappear at any time. Read at your own risk.

Hi. It's Dustin again, and I've found another meme that's been circulating around Facebook. Much like the story of Hachiko, There is an image floating around social media describing a dog who sleeps on his owner's grave every night after he died. You'll have to scroll to view the entire image below. More after the jump.

Here is the story in question, unedited.

It has been 7 years. The cemetery does not close the gates until he arrives every night. His name is Captain. He sleeps by his master’s grave every night. Semper Fi!

While Hachiko's is a true story about a dog in Japan who waited over nine years for his owner to return home (and the owner had died), this modern take on the tale has no factual authenticity, and the story itself is very vague. Not one detail about the owner is given, not even the fact he or she really served in the Marines. In fact, the photo itself is mis-captioned, and this very story has been attributed to other pictures of dogs sleeping on graves. While the intent is okay, this is a case where people clearly feed off emotions rather than rely on proven facts. It is an example showing that the majority of people who share memes online click that button wihtout checking their sources.


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