Social Media Slipups #1

Disclaimer for this Series: Memes are posted offsite, and may disappear at any time. Read at your own risk.

Hi. I'm Dustin, and you might know me from Music Scene here on Tribalbeat, but I'm going to be starting a new series. This is more focused on social media, and the main reasons why I despise it. While it's great for the guys in TCS to get the word out, it's also a cesspool of ignorance and want, to quote a certain Christmassy author. Thank you Jason for the cool, yet hideous header pic. It'll work well for what I have planned for this series. And yes, that's me.

There is a caveat, though. Jason will ban me from Tribalbeat forever if I get political, so there will be no politics-based satire in this series. However, there are some images on the Internet that are on the cusp of being political, so there is that fine line between wholesome innocence and razor-tongued controversy.

Might as well start with a simple meme, a random one I found on the Internet.

First of all, who invented the selfie? Whoever did cursed an entire generation of humans to narcissism. Then, everyone decided to cheat their own looks by posting only part of their face, like this:

I admit that actually looks kind of cool, but most of the ones I see online are not like this. Jason should make a poster of it...

Wait I got distracted. If you're going to be on social media, your profile picture should be at at least somewhat respectable. No selfie sticks, preferably have someone you dislike take the picture, or someone photo-phobic. Why I've seen guides upon guides online about how to take the perfect selfie baffles the crap out of me. Takes some photography classes. I've been in enough shoots to know what makes a good photo, so look at a photography book, and at the very least emulate what you like in one. That is all.


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