The Tournament of Kings

No pictures this time, just a warning. They turned out to be crap.

So, to return the favor to my visit to SD, Jason decided to visit me for the Tournament of Kings, a dinner show at the Excalibur in Las Vegas. Basically, if you've been to Medieval Times, this is a watered-down version. Seven kings gather around Arthur's round table and decide to compete in a tournament a la the one Jason went to last weekend. Instead of water polo, this one's about horses and jousting.

They use real stinky horses, pyrotechnics, and each section of the theater has to root for its king. The seven nations are France, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Norway, and Ireland. There's also the eighth section, which is supposed to root for the Dragon Knight. Got assigned there without realizing it, so Jace and I had to root for the bad guys. He didn't seem to care, just a long as he cheered the loudest like the five-year-old mind in an adult's body that he is.

The Norway Section gave the kid a run for his money though. Some sports team took up like the whole first two rows of that block. Had to cover my ears every time the King of Norway showed up. Also for the dinner, it's Cornish game hen, broccoli, whole potatoes, and tomato soup. It sucked. At least Jace was happy getting a sugar high off the lifetime supply of Pepsi they served.

In the show itself, Russia likes to cheat. Their king got disqualified in the first event for chasing one of the other kings off his horse. That, and he kept stabbing Hungary's to death in the jousting round. At least he helped fight the Dragon Knight at the end, which all of the king's did (and Arthur's son)

That's pretty much it. I'll try and post more often, but life is always in the way. Until next time.

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