UTC's Expansion

I visited Jace in San Diego last weekend, and was amazed on the expansion work they did at UTC. Sucks that you have to pay now, like all the damn casinos on the Strip. Whoever came up with that marketing plan needs to get shot.

In case you want to work out some. I remember that plyometric crap from my football days.

They have a koi pond now. Of course, being SD, they had to remind people not to throw coins in there for good luck.

This is part of the Veranda. Probably for special events.

Of all the times I've been here, I never realized UTC had an ice rink, let alone year-round. Not in the expansion, but in the dining area.

Another pic of the koi pond. What else can I say?

Don't tell Ryker. He probably already knows anyway.

And here are my favorite dolphin fountians. Hope you like the pics!


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