Las Vegas Obon Festival

First up, new logo guys.

Yesterday, I went to Las Vegas's Obon Festival/Bon Odori for funsies. It was pretty cool, especially all the people here. It's to honor your family's ancestors, which I guess I should do since I wouldn't exist without them.

Might as well start out with the food. That shrimp tempura platter rocked. While I'm more of an AYCE kind of guy, I might go to 808 sometime.

Usual trinket fare. Las Vegas has some kickass authors, so you should check them out if you're into that reading business. I almost bought a yukata and a tower lamp from this one guy, but they're so expensive. I tried out Reiki too, but I didn't get it. Jason'll have to explain it to me someday.

Nevada's Secretary of State made an appearance. This was their 30th anniversary, so they had her as the guest of honor.

A modernized hula. Most peeps don't know Vegas has a large Hawaiian population. In fact, Vegas is the "Ninth Island" to them.

Taiko drums are awesome. Don't anyone diss 'em. They played about three or four songs before the main event.

No idea what this guys was doing. Professional video camera next to him and he still recorded the show with his phone. Why?

Setting up the main event. They had a few circles of dancers performing the traditional Bon Odori dance. The MC called out this one guy for wearing a Red Sox jacket to the event. Despite fans' claims, there is no Church of Baseball, nor Football, nor any other sport.

Holy crap, haven't seen one of these since grade school. Some idiot left their can of Pepsi, though. Litterbug.

Overall, it was an interesting experience. Despite the photos, I spent a lot of time with the vendors rather than watching the dancing. There were a few friends there, so that was the main reason for going.


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