Zelda Retrospective Part 3

A Link to the past was when Zelda spread its wings. Everything from the original game improved in one way or another. Every place had its own identity, the story became stronger, and the adventure became broader.

This game is big. Over eleven dungeons, two different worlds that can be traveled, and a variety of things to do besides the main story. Rather than waste time, let’s dive right in.

What’s the story? An evil wizard named Aganihm has taken over Hyrule, and Link has to stop him. But wait, you guys? Doesn’t this sound like the plot of the first game? Well, there’s a twist halfway, and given this game is almost thirty years old, I’ll spoil it for you. Ganon is behind the whole thing. Are you shocked? I sure wasn’t. Then again, I played Ocarina of Time first.

For a SNES game, this is beautiful. Every dungeon has its own identity. While you’re still mostly on your own in exploring the world, there’s at least a little bit of guidance on how to beat the game, unlike the original. In a lot of ways, A Link to the Past plays like the original, except better. There are countless mini games, side quests, places to explore, and more.

While other games are better, if you like the classic top-down view dungeon crawling, then this game is for you.


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