GWK: Zelda Retrospective Part 2

Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link is the black sheep of the series. No other game is like it, and I for one dislike the changes. It’s not a Zelda game in my eyes. (Before anyone asks, please send your hate mail to Tyler. I’m sure he’ll give you some encouraging responses.)

The format is completely different. It’s a side scroller, and it’s really tough. So hard, that I could not get past the first palace. (Once again, send your hate mail to Tyler.)

To be honest guys, there’s not much for me to say about this game. It’s not for me, but if I skipped it, people would complain, and then Jason would fire me, and then I’ll be sad.

If there was something good to say about it, it would be the story. Ganon’s goons want to revive their master, and they need Link’s blood to do it. Also Zelda is put to sleep, and Link has to wake her up. Once again, simple story, but back then, I suppose that’s all you need.

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