Ryker's Tips: Styles of Weightlifting

Hey dudes. This one's a follow-up to my last post, so I'll be quick. When weightlifting, you gotta keep in mind your goals, and adjust your sets/reps accordingly. If you just want to get toned, use a lighter weight with more reps and three sets. Even 12 reps is okay here. If you're going for strength, do fewer sets with more weight. That "pyramid" guide I gave out last blog is going to help you there. In other words, instead of three sets of 10, go one set of 10, one set of 8, and one set of 6. Increase your weight every time.

Your muscles will reflect what style of strength training you choose. There's a difference between "showy" muscle and "strong" muscle; hence why bodybuilders aren't necessarily the strongest people in the world. As I said, this one's a quick one, so I'll catch you dudes later.


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