Ryker's Tips: Traveling

Hey dudes, Ryker here. Normally, I'd post about fitness tips, but Jace's asking me to do something else this time. Since a lot of us are going to be traveling over the next couple of months, he figured a nice PSA about traveling would be fair.

First of all, don't GPS and drive at the same time. Let it do its thing, and keep your eyes on the road, dudes. That last thing I want to hear about a fan who died because they were on their cell phone. Using your cell phone while driving's four times more likely to kill you than driving drunk, so don't do it.

Before you go, it's wise to map out your destination. For example, with some help from Google, I managed to get this sexy map that shows me how to get to Las Vegas. Jace's been dying to see his cuz, and I could get wasted at the bars.

Later this year, I'm gonna be taking a trip to Palm Springs to visit some friends of mine. Here's a map for that, dudes.

The important thing is that you know where to go before you leave. Google's pretty good at listing where any delays can happen, like accidents, construction (That widening they're doing on the 15's killer in Victorville right now.) Apple does an okay job if you have an iPhone.

A few other tidbits, guys:

1) Gotta be careful about alternate routes that google will give out, dudes. They'll eat up precious travel time and gas.

2) If you take a toll road, then you'll either need cash or a FasTrak card (CA) or your state's equivalent. I've heard those toll roads on the east coast are killer, dudes. SoCal has a few of them around LA or Orange County.




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