The High Roller

About time I rode this...

You get some pretty decent views of Vegas from here. Only did it because Jace was in town. Before you call BS on photo quality, I took the pictures, not him.

Let's start with a view of the majestic parking lot. Rows upon rows of gullible gamblers line their cars up before losing them in the casinos. Either that or they're riding the Ferris wheel with me.

There's the Flamingo hotel. The audio clip they had in the car was all wrong. Bugsy Siegel didn't make Vegas. It was the Mormons. Not one Mormon founder was mentioned.

UNLV and McCarran here. Best for Jasons to find more models for his agency. It's not very Tyler-friendly though.

Witness such distant sights as One Summerlin and the Queensridge towers. Two places no tourists will ever go to.

After the broke gamblers lost their shirts, they went and plunged into the decaffeinated cat pee filled pools.

Near the top of the wheel. Caesar needs to modernize his palace. Omnia's a start, but Celine Dion needs to go.

And now another worthy non-tourist destination: The Boulevard Mall. There're more fish and sharks inside than people who go to that hellhole.

Overall, not too bad at the locals price. I'd say it was a shame that Jason had to pay double, but I'm honestly not. He's got enough to cover his share and then some.

One last thing. Jace wanted a pic of the man candy peddlers on the Strip.


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