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Little Yellow Box

Systems On.

Analyzing Diagnostics.

All Systems Functional.

Running at 80% Efficiency.


Initializing Analysis at Location One.



No Life Forms Detected.


Zone to Location Two.



Remains of Organic Life Detected.

White Rubber and Leather Apparatus with Hole Feature Detected.

Identical Object Detected Nearby.



Object Life Cycle Dated to Approximately Fifty Cycles Ago.


Zone to Location Three.



Remains of Organic Life Detected.

Warning! Warning! High Signs of Radioactivity Detected.

Analyzing Source of Radiation.

Radioactive Object Found.

Object Does Not Match Database of Radioactive Threats.

Scanning Object for Further Analysis.

Object Matches Shape of Box with Cylindrical Tube.

Scanning for Radioactive Source.

Radioactive Sources Found.

First Radioactive Source is Cesium-137.

Second Radioactive Source is Americium-232 with Beryllium Ions.

Scanning Radioactive Device for Further Materials.

Puncture Detected on Roof of Box.

Analyzing Puncture.

Puncture Appears to be Artificial and 1cm in Diameter.

Object Analysis Complete.

Object shall be Quarantined.



Return to Home Base.

Concluding Report.

Annihilation of All Organic Life in All Locations Caused by Puncture of Radioactive Box with Cesium and Americium Isotopes.

Systems Off.

Shutting Down.

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