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2018 UCSD Season Recap

UCSD's 2018 water polo season has come to an end as of yesterday. It was a wild ride through both the WWPA Championships and the NCAA Championships, but with their 16-7 loss against Stanford in the semifinals, their season is now over. We here at Tribal Culture Studio are excited with how far the Tritons have come this year.

While I will not go over each game, since I have already done that, I will leave some final thoughts. This year's season was considerably better than the 2017 one, which ended with UCSD taking 2nd place in the WWPA Championships. Everyone fought hard, and gave their best. I will be returning to Tribalbeat in September to cover the 2019 season. It was great to recap all of the games this year.

PS: In the qualifiers, UCSD beat LBSU 14-9. I forgot to make an entry for the opening rounds.

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