Games Update!

After a long time setting everything up, we now have a real game on the site! Yay! If you're itching for some TCS Trivia, go on ahead and check out our games page. The TCS Character Quiz is now up and running. With 200 burning questions, you'll never get the same question twice, unless of course you don't have a life like me and answer them all. Get a question wrong? That's okay; just move onto the next one. We're not here to be competitive.

(Sorry mobile users, you'll have to use an actual computer to play the game. Our offshore programmers aren't skilled enough to make games for phones yet.)

Also, we have a few desktops available to download. Pick your favorite guy, and rock out with him on your very own computer! Mobile users, we'll have wallpapers for you guys soon.


-Jace G.

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