Frequently Asked Questions

A fair number of people have come to us with a lot of questions regarding TCS or its affiliates. I'll compile some of the most frequent ones here and pin it on the front page of Tribalbeat. Please make sure to watch this entry from time to time as it will be updated.

When is such and such title being released?

Every book released is available in the bookstore or on Amazon. Be sure to go there. Upcoming titles will be announced in the future.

What formats are available for each book?

There will be a print and digital version of TCS: The Studio. Before the Game: Drake will be digital only.

Will there be an audiobook for TCS: The Studio?

There has been one considered, but it won't be out for a while. All of us have busy lives and other commitments first.

Why won't (such and such contributor) post on Tribalbeat?

We only say stuff on Tribalbeat is there's stuff to say. Also, a couple people will be seldom posting.

I have a movie for Drake/song for Dustin/etc. to review. Where can I suggest it?

Either on the forums or email.

There is way too much purple on the website, more so than in a Saints Row game. Why?

Purple's the color of the cosmos! Besides, I have bigger things to worry about than complaining about the color of a website. Who am I, Tyler? Just calm down, and embrace the cosmic energy.

I found a misspelling/grammar error.

While we take caution to squashing out typos and such, a few manage to slip though. Please email us or post it on the forums, and we'll take care of it.

Why can't I right-click on the site?

It's a security measure to keep people from using our images without permission. The Desktop Downloads are for personal use only. Never reupload them onto any site.

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