Five Things about Tribalbeat (What it Is and Isn't)

While our website is still young, and we are working together to eliminate the kinks, we have decided to post five simple facts about what Tribalbeat is (and isn't) in order to help the fans know what they are getting from our blog.

1. Tribalbeat is PG-rated.

While TCS is an adult-oriented business, we aim for a modest and professional online presence. We do not produce porn, but we are also a modeling agency that does nude photography. Therefore, we will strive to provide information that is appropriate for all audiences, but geared to an adult market.

2. Tribalbeat is not for advertising third parties.

No one likes ads. We will never post an entry promoting a product or service that isn't ours. However, several of our authors may review music or movies, and they may give opinions on their quality. In addition, we will never beg for money on the blog.

3. Tribalbeat is a blog with many topics.

Rather than being limited to a single topic or group of related topics, Tribalbeat aims to be inclusive. Each of our blog authors has his own special knowledge to contribute, and our blog is a place to showcase such knowledge. A non-exhaustive list of contributors and their topics of interest can be found at the bottom of this entry.

4. Tribalbeat is not political.

We leave our political views at the door. TCS and its affiliates land across the spectrum of politics, and this is not the place to express such opinions. We appreciate all of our fans. Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican, Religious or Secular. Your lifestyle is your own business, and it is not our duty to enforce beliefs onto our audience.

5. Tribalbeat is for the fans.

We will only post blog entries that are interesting or informative to the fans. Personal blogs will be kept to a minimum, and only written in dire circumstances. In addition, we will not spam you with mountains of entries in a day. Expect at least one topic per week, and no more than two or three per day.

Here are the contributors to Tribalbeat, and their areas of expertise. This list is not all-inclusive.

Jason: general site updates, TCS news, photography tips

Ryker: fitness tips, Q&A

Noel: advice column, trivia/riddles, Q&A

Tyler: movie reviews

Kody and Drake: movie reviews, video game reviews

Gage: Triton updates (during the season), water polo articles

Dustin: music reviews and tips

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