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In Memoriam

My older brother, Patrick Galloway, passed away on June 10, 2018 in Sacramento, CA. This page is a tribute to his life and special memories of him and me growing up. All of these were first posted on Facebook, but will be immortalized on the TCS website. As a result of his passing, TCS: The Studio has been dedicated to his memory.

Memory 1: Sushi in Sacramento

Sushi was one of my brother’s favorite foods. Even though he was not the one who introduced me to it, enjoying sushi together was something only we could do in the family, as both of my parents were averse to the stuff. During one of my visits to see him in Sacramento in 2015, I had found an All-You-Can-Eat bar on the west side of town, Azukar Sushi, the only one I knew for sure was AYCE in the Sacramento area. I knew it would be expensive, but in a way, it was worth it. I covered both of our bills that night, and that alone brought a huge smile on his face.

Memory 2: Writing about Writing

My brother was an author as well. He majored in English at Fresno State, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2007. He wanted to be an English teacher. While I joined the serious writing game much later, he wrote well over two to three million words throughout his life. He had plans to write his own novel, and he wrote many short stories. While he and I worked different day jobs in two completely unrelated fields (health insurance and roadway construction), we had writing in common.

After his passing, I obtained his old external hard drive, which included many of his writings. He had a lot of great ideas and even a few chapters written for his book. While I am on the edge regarding sharing his work, I can say he had a lot of inspiration, and a lot of notes. He introduced me to sometime around 2009, a site I still visit today, to help with the writing process.

TV Tropes is a wiki like Wikipedia documenting creative works and the “tropes” they use. It is a great tool for creative minds to get inspiration for their work. In addition to his own fiction, my brother would spend much of his time helping out the site with editing and even with creating new pages for the King’s Quest and Warhammer series.

Memory 3: Buzz Beer and Boisterous Laughter

Around Christmas of 2003, my dad took my brother and I to a taping of The Drew Carey Show in Los Angeles. We were part of the studio audience, and therefore part of the laugh track for one episode. (No Booze for Drew. Side note: Reichen Lehmkuhl was a guest star in this episode. He had won The Amazing Race earlier that year, and I sat directly behind his partner, Chip Arndt, in the audience.)

During set changes, they had a comedian on set to keep the audience entertained, and part of the process involved a contest to see who can laugh the loudest in each scene. I was so good at laughing that I won twice. The first prize was a shirt with the DCS logo, and the second prize was a souvenir bottle (empty) of Buzz Beer, which was from the show. Seeing as my brother didn’t win anything in his own right, I gave him the bottle. We had a great time and a lot of great laughs, even though we didn’t get to meet Drew Carey or anyone else on the show.

Memory 4: There is Only War

While I can’t remember exactly when this happened, (I want to say I was either a junior or senior in high school since I was driving.) but on a trip to see my grandparents, my brother and I spent some time at Ontario Mills playing in the arcade and maybe doing some actual shopping. On our way out of the mall, we encountered a Games Workshop. I wasn’t really interested, but to humor Patrick, I decided to follow him inside.

An energetic employee introduced us to the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 by having us play a mock version of their board game. Pat played as the Space Marines while I played as the Tyranids. It was a close brawl that changed the possibility of victory after every single turn. Through one lucky dice roll, I had won. However, after the game as we walked out of the mall, Patrick had told me that the experience at Games Workshop made his day. It was one of the times I felt he was truly happy. That experience made him a devoted fan to the series for the rest of his life.

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